About Road To Bollywood Academy

Road to Bollywood is home to talented music students from all over India and celebrated artists from across the globe from the faculty. The School provides diverse student culture, rich curriculum curated in collaboration with leading music schools and industry professionals.
The program involves an integrated study of both theoretical & practical knowledge of music. This holistic blend enables the student to not only master their performance area but also be conceptually strong.

With the legacy of 40 years, roadtobollywood has grown to be not only one of the India but also emerged as a multi-disciplinary, multi-campus university at Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Indore, Shirpur, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Dhule (upcoming) and Chandigarh (upcoming). It has 16 constituent academy that include Management, Family Business, Engineering, Pharmacy, Architecture, Commerce, Economics, Law, Science, Liberal Arts, Design, Performing Arts, Mathematical Science, Hospitality, Agriculture and Distance Learning. In addition, we have nine Centres of Excellence as well at the University.
Today, more than 17000+ students and 750+ full time faculty members are part of India’s most sought after academic community.

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